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Welcome to my Minecraft blog on architecture and design. A few simple changes can give a new vibrant look to your base, and they are only a few pickaxes away.


17 January 11


Hello everyone! I’m sorry to have neglected tumblr for so long but it does take a certain amount of brain power to write these things, and I’ve definitely been lacking in that department lately. Before I start, this post and the next few posts will be pictures of structures that I built on a freebuild server. This means I had access to the /item command and I did not actually gather any materials by myself. 

freebuild struc1

This was the first structure I built after I arrived on the server. Having unlimited resources obviously made this a lot easier to handle than if I had to mine and smelt all those smoothstone and glass. This is the front entrance, I chose to go with just scale for the epicness factor, and went with huge entrance, huge windows etc. I’m not actually that fond of the glass area to the left, but I built it and I was too lazy to change it. Read on for more!

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27 December 10


Hello everyone! Sorry for the massive lack of updates. I’ve recently upgraded my laptop so I could finally play multiplayer. After I found a good server to settle on, I’ve been having tons of fun! Me and a small group of people started a little down, which consisted of tons of building and quite a bit of management. Here’s a picture of my house before the server reset.

MP 1

I’ll have more recent pictures of the town up soon! Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

24 December 10


I finally upgraded my laptop so I am now able to play multiplayer. I’ve been trying to search for a good server, so I’m going to ask you guys. Where do you guys play? I’m mainly looking for a server where I can build awesome looking things cooperatively with other players.

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh